The Royal Tinfoil

Drunken Gypsy Rock & Roll from Charleston SC

For The Royal Tinfoil, Americana has never been about being fashionable. Fronted by Lily Slay and Mackie Boles of Charleston, SC, they are firm believers that roots music should come with the dirt still on it. Their second album, Feed These Demons, was recorded at Truphonic Studios in their hometown. It's a far cry from the wholesome storytelling of a loving couple: gritty and raw, sincere and lamenting, their album is a tall tale of corruption steeped in mythology, magic, and a small dose of self-deprecating whimsy. While Feed These Demons is undoubtedly a feeding frenzy, it's underlying theme begs one nagging question: “Did The Royal Tinfoil make a deal with the devil, or are they the devil themselves?”